Debian GNU Linux on Lenovo IdeaPad Y530


Short summary

Generally everything works almost out-of-the-box (Linux becomes so boring...;)) but there are some small things to be done manually. Sound card is handled by ALSA automagically. But for graphic card I use NVIDIA drivers (such as e.g. what has one disadvantege - one has to install it after each kernel upgrade. I haven't tested 1.3M Pixel camera as I don't use it. Details of hardware config: lspci, lsusb -v, /proc/cpuinfo.


Modem installed in this laptop is unfortunatelly typical WinModem. You won't see it directly in lspci or lsusb. But good news is it works under Linux. :) It's good to start with and use scanModem to test your (not-so) hard-ware. For impatient:

The modem cards detected by "aplay -l" are:
card 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 6: Si3054 Modem [Si3054 Modem]
(this Motorola modem seems to be a part of sound card - so use of ALSA snd-hda-intel.ko is good idea)

Install sl-modem-daemon and it will create /dev/ttySL0 and since then you can access your modem with minicom etc.